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Our Process

FIRST familiarise yourself with the range of services we have to offer. THEN - follow the ‘Flowchart’ to check which ‘Level’ of support you require. Contact the AIP Project Director or Inclusion Manager for access to the 'pupil/family referral passport'. Once access is enabled you'll be able to complete a request for support based on the 'level of need'.

Pupil/Family E-Passport: Exclusive referral system for NW schools, allows for swift and easy referrals, reduces the need for emails, and provides a chronology of intervention.

Once you've completed the referral the server will ping an email alert to the Project Director/Inclusion Manager. In return they will consult the relevant area based staff or LCC provision. Requests can be made for Level 1 or Level 2 support.

The NW AIP pupil/family passport includes a case note system allowing for communication between the referrer, AIP and provision/centre. This function will be used primarily by AIP staff to inform the referrer of developments within the specific case however we have extended the system to include some of our partnering agencies and providers of alternative education.