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AIP Services

Your AIP provides a range of operational and strategic services that underpins SEMH (social emotional mental health) functions within schools. Our strategic support tends to focus on Fair Access Protocol (FAP) and local area arrangements. We also attend a variety of monthly strategy and implementation meetings with the Local authority.

Operational support is delivered within a tiered system (Levels) that enables us to differentiate, evaluate and structure the type of provision we offer within a ‘Stepped approach’. As well as highlighting the variety of services on offer the Flowchart located within the ‘Our Process’ page illustrates the difference between each ‘Level’.

Managed Moves

There are circumstances in which it is appropriate to arrange a transfer of a pupil to another school. Managed moves are one of a number of strategies used to help support young people within our city that can prevent them from being permanently excluded. If coordinated and supported within more

Advice and Consultation

On many occasions the Project Director and other AIP staff will offer advice and support to schools on a number of presenting issues. Here are a few examples. Access to local Learning Support Centres, Access to PRU’s, Alternative Education advice, Exclusions advice, Inclusion sub group, more

Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

Local Authorities are required to have a Fair Access Protocol (FAP), agreed by schools to ensure that access to education is secured quickly for vulnerable children who have no school place. The process also ensures that all schools in an area admit their ‘fair share’ of children who more

Inclusion Sub Group (ISG)

The North West ISG meets on a monthly basis throughout the academic year with regular attendance of core members from our partnering schools and relevant agencies. Standing agenda items include exclusions data, managed moves and allocation/prioritising of PRU places. The Chair of the group more